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The Trafficking in human beings

The international organizations of trafficking in human beings have lately adopted new strategies and organizing modalities in order to increase profits, reduce risks, overcome the market failures caused by the policies that national governments and NGOs have activated since the end of the 90s. In particular, the criminal organizations have been able to adjust to the changes following the new specific normative tools and the intervention guidelines on fighting against exploitation and trafficking with the invention of new strategies to control, exploit and oppress their victims.

The analysis and monitoring of the phenomena show that some political and normative choices that are clearly detrimental should urgently be revised to promote others, and resolutely implement those programmes and work tools that with their positive results should be largely used in the struggle against trafficking and exploitation. The procedures to get to Europe for work are used to smuggle visa and permits in the racket of the sale of false jobs which overlaps with the racket of exploitation and forced servitude aimed at the payment of travel and residence permits papers supplied by criminal associations with terminals in the departure and arrival countries of the victims. Women, children and workers are affected by a second level of violence: the social silence around the phenomena of THB.

In order to enforce the institutional action against THB, our main priority is to break the social silence around the victims (affected by stigmatization as chronic violence) by reducing the social intolerance and by increasing identification and reporting on exploitation. By promoting horizontal methods necessary for preventing THB at European level, CARTT focus on empowerment of authorities and civil society on THB for labour exploitation purposes, developing an international network of main actors who come into contact with victims of trafficking.

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